Calculation of stopping power ratios for carbon ion dosimetry.

  title={Calculation of stopping power ratios for carbon ion dosimetry.},
  author={Oksana Geithner and Pedro Andreo and Nikolai Sobolevsky and G{\"u}nter Hartmann and Oliver J{\"a}kel},
  journal={Physics in medicine and biology},
  volume={51 9},
Water-to-air stopping power ratio calculations for the ionization chamber dosimetry of clinical carbon ion beams with initial energies from 50 to 450 MeV/u have been performed using the Monte Carlo technique. To simulate the transport of a particle in water the computer code SHIELD-HIT v2 was used, which is a newly developed version where substantial modifications were implemented on its predecessor SHIELD-HIT v1 (Gudowska et al 2004 Phys. Med. Biol. 49 1933-58). The code was completely… CONTINUE READING