Calculation of carcinogenic potency from long-term animal carcinogenesis experiments.

  title={Calculation of carcinogenic potency from long-term animal carcinogenesis experiments.},
  author={Carol Sawyer and Richard Peto and Leslie Bernstein and Malcolm C. Pike},
  volume={40 1},
An index of carcinogenic potency for chemicals tested in chronic animal experiments is described. By analogy with the well-known 'lethal dose 50' (LD50) of quantal bioassay, a 'tumorigenic dose 50' (TD50) may be defined (in the absence both of tumors in the control group and of intercurrent deaths) as that (daily) dose of chemical which gives 50% of the test animals tumors by some fixed age. Tumors in the control (zero-dose) group are handled exactly as for the LD50, and intercurrent deaths are… CONTINUE READING

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