Calculation of Planetary Precession with Quantum-corrected Newton’s Gravitation


With consideration of quantization of space, we relate the Newton’s gravitation with the Second Law of thermodynamics. This leads to a correction to its original form, which takes into consideration of the role of classical measurement. Our calculation shows this corrected form of gravitation can give explanation for planetary precession. The most distinctive feature of quantum mechanics is the concept of measurement. It is more reasonable and closer to reality compared with that in classical physics. Therefore the first step that leads to a successful combination of quantum mechanics and general relativity should be the introduction of the role of measurement into classical physics. Such attempt has been scarcely seen because most physicists will not give up the concept of independent objectiveness of reality in classical physics. But as a matter of fact we can only talk about the part of the reality we are able to measure, which is certainly under the influence of our measurement. It is the purpose of this paper to show with an example that this philosophy of quantum physics may also work in classical physics. We know in both classical and quantum physics, in reality and in philosophy, nothing can be made up of zeros, otherwise many paradoxes like Zeno paradox [1] would arise. Therefore it is natural and reasonable to assume that there must be a basic measuring unit in every single measurement, which can not be measured itself. It is the basic brick that constructs the result of our measurement. I would like to call it uncertainty quantum, since we are uncertain about its nature in principle. For example, in order for the concept of length to make sense, there must be a length quantum. And time would have no meaning if there were not a time quantum. Evidently this quantum is characteristical of an observer. In this way, we have introduced a subjective feature into classical physics. We The author would like to thank Prof. Guoying Chee for beneficial discussion

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