Calculating Center of Mass in an Unbounded 2D Environment

  title={Calculating Center of Mass in an Unbounded 2D Environment},
  author={L. Bai and David E. Breen},
  journal={Journal of Graphics Tools},
  pages={53 - 60}
  • L. Bai, David E. Breen
  • Published 2008
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Journal of Graphics Tools
  • We study the behavior of simple, 2D, self-organizing primitives that interact and move in an unbounded environment to create aggregated shapes. Each primitive is represented by a disk and a unit point mass. In order to compare the aggregated shape produced by the primitives to other shapes, the centers of mass of the two shapes must be aligned. We present an algorithm for calculating the center of mass (COM) for a set of point masses that are distributed in an unbounded 2D environment. The… CONTINUE READING
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