Calculating Accurate End-to-End Delay Bounds - You Better Know Your Cross-Traffic

  title={Calculating Accurate End-to-End Delay Bounds - You Better Know Your Cross-Traffic},
  author={Steffen Bondorf and Jens B. Schmitt},
  journal={EAI Endorsed Trans. Ubiquitous Environments},
Bounds on the end-to-end delay of data flows play a crucial role in di↵erent areas, ranging from certification of hard real-time communication capabilities to quality of experience assurance for end users. Deterministic Network Calculus (DNC) allows to derive worst-case delay bounds; for instance, DNC is applied by the avionics industry to formally verify aircraft networks against strict delay requirements. Calculating tight end-to-end delays, however, was proven to be NP-hard. As a result… CONTINUE READING
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