Calcium oxalate retention in subjects with crystalluria.

  title={Calcium oxalate retention in subjects with crystalluria.},
  author={J. R. Burns and Birdwell Finlayson and Jeff Gauthier},
  journal={Urologia internationalis},
  volume={39 1},
Calcium oxalate retention was studied in non-stone-forming volunteers. All subjects were placed on a constant diet for 5 days. After the oral administration of 10 microCi of [14C]-oxalic acid, the pattern of urinary oxalate excretion was followed for 48 h. Each subject was then given 10 microCi of [14C]-oxalic acid mixed with sufficient sodium oxalate (7.5 mg/kg body weight) to induce calcium oxalate crystalluria. Urinary oxalate excretion was then recorded for 48 h. After the administration of… CONTINUE READING