Calcium-mediated degeneration of the axonal cytoskeleton in the Ola mouse.

  title={Calcium-mediated degeneration of the axonal cytoskeleton in the Ola mouse.},
  author={Jonathan D. Glass and B L Schryer and John Wesley Griffin},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={62 6},
The C57BL/Ola (Ola) mouse is a mutant substrain in which transected axons undergo very slow Wallerian degeneration. Because axonal degradation during Wallerian degeneration is calcium dependent, we tested whether Ola axons are susceptible to calcium-mediated axonal degeneration by comparing neurofilament degradation between Ola and C57BL/6 mice in sciatic nerve explants. Using immunoblot analysis of neurofilament degradation and electron microscopy we found that as in normal axons, axonal… CONTINUE READING

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