Calcium-induced serum bone Gla protein variations in preterm newborns.

  title={Calcium-induced serum bone Gla protein variations in preterm newborns.},
  author={Carmelo Erio Fiore and Giuseppina Di Stefano and Mich{\`e}le Rom{\'e}o and Lorenzo Malatino and Diane Grimaldi and Rosario Foti},
  journal={Journal of endocrinological investigation},
  volume={10 5},
The effect of calcium infusion on osteocalcin(Bone Gla Protein, BGP) serum levels were studied in a group of preterm newborns with bw appropriate for gestational age. Results showed that basal BGP serum levels in preterm newborns are higher than those reported at birth in normal infants. Moreover, calcium infusion induced a significant decrease in BGP values, inversely correlated with serum calcium. Since calcium loading increases both Ca availability for bone formation and BGP affinity for… CONTINUE READING