Calcium-induced phosphorylation of ETS1 inhibits its specific DNA binding activity.

  title={Calcium-induced phosphorylation of ETS1 inhibits its specific DNA binding activity.},
  author={Bertrand Rabault and Jacques Ghysdael},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={269 45},
Ets1, the founding member of the Ets gene family of transcriptional regulators, is a phosphoprotein which is highly expressed in cells of the T and B lymphoid lineages. Previous studies have shown that Ets1 becomes rapidly and transiently phosphorylated following antigen receptor (T cell (antigen) receptor (TCR) and membrane Ig) triggering a response which is absolutely dependent on ligand-induced calcium mobilization. By a combination of two-dimensional tryptic phosphopeptide and mutational… CONTINUE READING
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