Calcium hydroxide nanosols for the consolidation of porous building materials - results from EU-STONECORE

  title={Calcium hydroxide nanosols for the consolidation of porous building materials - results from EU-STONECORE},
  author={Arnulf Daehne and Christoph Herm},
  journal={Heritage Science},
IntroductionThe main idea of the European STONECORE R&D project (2008 to 2011) was to develop and evaluate nano materials for the use in refurbishment and conservation of historic monuments. A set of different calcium hydroxide (“lime”) nanoparticles dispersed in alcohols (CaLoSiL®) available on the market were tested. The general advantages attributed to alcoholic lime dispersions were: compatibility of the consolidant with the original building material, no limitation of penetration due to… 

Nanostructured lime-based materials for the conservation of calcareous substrates

Nanolimes, i.e. dispersions of lime (Ca(OH)2)nanoparticles in alcohol, have been extensively investigated over the last two decades as consolidation products for calcareous substrates. The use of

Synthetic calcium carbonate improves the effectiveness of treatments with nanolime to contrast decay in highly porous limestone

The results indicate that in such cases, the effectiveness of synthetized polymorphs of calcium carbonate may be enhanced when used in combination with CaCO3 particles, owing to the synergic effect of chemical/structural compatibility and particle size distribution.

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Nanolime is one of the most promising consolidation materials used in the conservation of historic calcareous substrates. Whilst the popularity of nanolime has grown significantly in the last two

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Ca(OH)2 particles with submicrometric dimensions (nanolimes) represent one of the most promising consolidants for the conservation of calcareous substrates. The nanolime treatment is similar to the



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This paper presents a comparative study of the effects of calcium hydroxide based agents on consolidating a lean lime mortar. In the first part, it describes the properties and characteristics of

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Abstract -Dispersions of calcium hydroxide, Car OH) 2' in short-chain aliphatic alcohols were studied with the aim of establishing a new pre-consolidation and consolidation methodology for wall