Calcium excretion in feces of ungulates.

  title={Calcium excretion in feces of ungulates.},
  author={H F Schryver and T. J. Foose and Janet Williams and Harold F. Hintz},
  journal={Comparative biochemistry and physiology. A, Comparative physiology},
  volume={74 2},
1. Fecal excretion of calcium was examined in 122 individual ungulates representing 7 species of Equidae, 3 species of Tapiridae, 3 species of Rhinocerotidae, 2 species of Elephantidae, 2 species of Hippopotamidae, 12 species of Bovidae, 2 species of Cervidae, 3 species of Camellidae and 1 species of Giraffidae. 2. Animals were fed timothy hay, a low calcium diet or alfalfa hay, a high calcium diet. 3. In a few cases oat straw or prairie hay was used instead of timothy hay. 4. Samples of feces… CONTINUE READING


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