Calcium channels in mouse hair cells: function, properties and pharmacology.

  title={Calcium channels in mouse hair cells: function, properties and pharmacology.},
  author={Jutta Engel and Marcus Michna and Josef Platzer and J{\"o}rg Striessnig},
  journal={Advances in oto-rhino-laryngology},
Adult inner hair cells (IHCs) possess voltage-activated Ca2+ currents that couple receptor potentials to transmitter release at the afferent synapses. Before the onset of hearing both IHCs and outer hair cells (OHCs) exhibit Ca2+ currents. More than 90% of neonatal hair cell (HC) currents flow through alpha1D Ca2+ channel subunits because they are absent in both IHCs and OHCs from alpha1D-/- mice and residual currents are insensitive to L-type agonists. Since lack of the alpha1D-subunit leads… CONTINUE READING

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