Calcium carbonate precipitation in bicarbonate hemodialysis.

  title={Calcium carbonate precipitation in bicarbonate hemodialysis.},
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Calcium carbonate has been observed to precipitate in the fluid pathway of dialysate delivery systems dispensing bicarbonate-containing dialysates. Such precipitation can occlude the fluid pathway, leading to system malfunction and increased maintenance requirements. We show that commercial supplies of sodium bicarbonate are contaminated by trace amounts of sodium carbonate. This contamination may result in immediate precipitation of calcium carbonate on formulation of the dialysate, since… Expand
The choice of dialysate bicarbonate: do different concentrations make a difference?
The clinician should understand that target values for predialysis serum bicarbonate concentration have been established primarily based on observational studies and expert opinion, and should keep the predial kidney dialysate bICarbonate level at least at 22 mmol/l. Expand
Sodium Bicarbonate Therapy in Patients with Metabolic Acidosis
There is no definite evidence that sodium bicarbonate administration to patients with acute metabolic acidosis is beneficial regarding clinical outcomes or mortality rate, and further evaluation is required to validate such a renoprotective strategy. Expand
Water Processing for Hemodialysis. Part I: A Historical Perspective
  • R. Ward
  • Medicine
  • Seminars in dialysis
  • 1997
In the space of thirty years, hemodialysis has progressed from being a heroic life-saving intervention done by a few pioneering physicians using improvised equipment to a routine therapy largelyExpand
The Composition of Dialysis Fluid
Kolff (1) described most of the problems that have been encountered subsequently in formulating a suitable dialysis fluid.