Calcium binding to an elastic portion of connectin/titin filaments

  title={Calcium binding to an elastic portion of connectin/titin filaments},
  author={Ryuichi Tatsumi and Kenji Maeda and Akihito Hattori and Koui Takahashi},
  journal={Journal of Muscle Research & Cell Motility},
α-Connectin/titin-1 exists as an elastic filament that links a thick filament with the Z-disk, keeping thick filaments centered within the sarcomere during force generation. We have shown that the connectin filament has an affinity for calcium ions and its binding site(s) is restricted to the β-connectin/titin-2 portion. We now report the localization and the characterization of calcium-binding sites on β-connectin. Purified β-connectin was digested by trypsin into 1700- and 400-kDa fragments… CONTINUE READING


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