Calcium and phosphorus metabolism in nephrotic syndrome.

  title={Calcium and phosphorus metabolism in nephrotic syndrome.},
  author={Ping Lim and Edward Jacob and E. P. C. Tock and H S Pwee},
  journal={The Quarterly journal of medicine},
  volume={46 183},
Calcium and phosphorus balance studies were performed on 13 nephrotic patients and eight patients during clinical remission of the nephrotic syndrome. Marked impairment of intestinal absorption of calcium was found among nephrotic patients, in eight of whom faecal calcium equalled or exceeded dietary calcium. The mean faecal:dietary calcium ratio of nephrotic patients, 1-06 +/- 0-23 (SD), was significantly higher (p less than 0-005) than that of patients in remission, 0-58 +/- 0-21 (SD). The… CONTINUE READING