Calcium and phosphate transport in isolated segments of rabbit Henle's loop.

  title={Calcium and phosphate transport in isolated segments of rabbit Henle's loop.},
  author={Antonino S. Rocha and J B Magaldi and Juha P Kokko},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={59 5},
Calcium and phosphate transport was examined in rabbit thin descending, thin ascending, and thick ascending limbs of Henle by in vitro perfusion of isolated tubular segments. Permeability coefficients for these segments with 45Ca and 32PO4 were determined for both lumen-to-bath and bath-to-lumen directions. Both the thin descending and thin ascending limbs were found to be relatively impermeable to both 45Ca and 32PO4. In neither segment were we able to show evidence for net transport of… CONTINUE READING


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