Calcium and magnesium balance in 9-14-y-old children.

  title={Calcium and magnesium balance in 9-14-y-old children.},
  author={Steven A Abrams and Michael Andrew Grusak and Janice E. Stuff and Kimberly O O'Brien},
  journal={The American journal of clinical nutrition},
  volume={66 5},
Few data are available regarding calcium and magnesium absorption and endogenous fecal excretion in children. We used a multitracer stable isotope technique to assess calcium and magnesium balance in 12 boys and 13 girls aged 9-14 y (mean weight: 42 kg) maintained on relatively high calcium intakes (mean: 1310 +/- 82 mg/d). There were no significant differences in absorption of calcium or magnesium from milk between boys and girls. Calcium retention (balance) correlated positively with… CONTINUE READING