Calcitonin secretion in normal human subjects.

  title={Calcitonin secretion in normal human subjects.},
  author={Jacqueline G. Parthemore and Leonard John Deftos},
  journal={The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism},
  volume={47 1},
A sensitive RIA for human calcitonin has been developed which can detect 1-2 pg hormone. This procedure permits the measurement of the low concentrations of calcitonin in the unextracted plasma of normal human subjects. In 55 normal adults, mean plasma calcitonin was 24 pg/ml with an SD of +/- 18 pg/ml, an SE of +/- 2 pg/ml, and a range of less than 10 - 75 pg/ml. There were no discernible age or sex differences in basal hormone concentration. Infusions of calcium, pentagastrin, and glucagon… CONTINUE READING

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