Calcitonin in breast and lung cancer.

  title={Calcitonin in breast and lung cancer.},
  author={CarmelJ. Hillyard and R. Charles Coombes and Pearl Greenberg and L S Galante and Iain Macintyre},
  journal={Clinical endocrinology},
  volume={5 1},
Immunoreactive calcitonin was found in extracts of seven out of eight consecutive breast carcinomas and four selected lung carcinomas, but not in extracts of benign breast lesions or normal tissues. This suggests that the high plasma calcitonin levels observed in patients with a wide variety of cancers reflect ectopic production of calcitonin by cancer tissue, and that the radioimmunoassay for calcitonin could prove to be of value in the detection and management of malignant disease… CONTINUE READING

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