Calcitonin, angiotensin II and FPP significantly modulate mouse sperm function.

  title={Calcitonin, angiotensin II and FPP significantly modulate mouse sperm function.},
  author={Lynn R Fraser and Marc D Pondel and Gavin P. Vinson},
  journal={Molecular human reproduction},
  volume={7 3},
Fertilization-promoting peptide (FPP) regulates the adenylyl cyclase (AC)/cAMP pathway to elicit capacitation-dependent responses, stimulating capacitation in uncapacitated spermatozoa and then arresting it in capacitated cells, thereby inhibiting spontaneous acrosome reactions. Like FPP, calcitonin and angiotensin II are found in seminal plasma and so might affect sperm function; this study investigated responses in uncapacitated and capacitated mouse spermatozoa to these three peptides. Both… CONTINUE READING
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