Calcineurin B protects calcineurin A against denaturation by urea.

  title={Calcineurin B protects calcineurin A against denaturation by urea.},
  author={Liya Hu and Bin Zhang and Benqiong Xiang and Qun Wei},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1700 2},
Calcineurin (CN), a heterodimer composed of a catalytic subunit, calcineurin A (CNA) and regulatory subunit, calcineurin B (CNB), is involved in many cellular processes. We investigated the denaturation of CNA by urea in the presence or absence of CNB and found that CNB protected CNA against urea. The phosphatase activity of CNA that had been exposed to low urea concentrations (below 4 M), in the presence CNB, was higher than that of the separately urea-treated subunits mixed just prior to… CONTINUE READING