Calcaneus replacement after total calcanectomy via vascularized pelvis bone.

  title={Calcaneus replacement after total calcanectomy via vascularized pelvis bone.},
  author={L A Kurvin and Christoph Volkering and Sigurd Kessler},
  journal={Foot and ankle surgery : official journal of the European Society of Foot and Ankle Surgeons},
  volume={14 4},
Because of loss of function and chronic pain total calcanectomy is a serious impairment for the patient. There are few reports concerning replacement procedures using ribs [Brenner P, Zwipp H, Rammelt S. Vascularized double barrel ribs combined with free serratus anterior muscle transfer for homologous restoration of the hindfoot after calcanectomy. J Trauma-Injury Infect Crit Care 2000;49(2):331-5; Lin CH, Wei FC, Levin LS, Su JI. Free composite serratus anterior and rib flaps for tibial… CONTINUE READING


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