Cainozoic environmental change in southern Africa, with special emphasis on the last 200 000 years

  title={Cainozoic environmental change in southern Africa, with special emphasis on the last 200 000 years},
  author={Timothy C. Partridge},
  journal={Progress in Physical Geography},
  pages={22 - 3}
  • T. Partridge
  • Published 1 March 1997
  • Environmental Science, Geography
  • Progress in Physical Geography
Since the end of the Cretaceous, Africa's latitudinal drift has been relatively small and has not significantly modified the general pattern of stepwise cooling and aridification that has characterized the Cainozoic era. Tectonic uplift has, in contrast, strongly influenced regional climates in east and southern Africa, especially during the late Neogene, and has accentuated the east-west moisture gradient which has prevailed, with minor interruptions, since the Oligocene. In common with most… 

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