Caffeine prevents protection in two human models of ischemic preconditioning.

  title={Caffeine prevents protection in two human models of ischemic preconditioning.},
  author={Niels P. Riksen and Zhigang Zhou and Wim J. G. Oyen and Rogier Jaspers and Bart P C Ramakers and Rene M. H. J. Brouwer and Otto C Boerman and Neil D Steinmetz and Paul Smits and Gerard A P J M Rongen},
  journal={Journal of the American College of Cardiology},
  volume={48 4},
OBJECTIVES We studied whether caffeine impairs protection by ischemic preconditioning (IP) in humans. BACKGROUND Ischemic preconditioning is critically dependent on adenosine receptor stimulation. We hypothesize that the adenosine receptor antagonist caffeine blocks the protective effect of IP. METHODS In vivo ischemia-reperfusion injury was assessed in the thenar muscle by 99mTc-annexin A5 scintigraphy. Forty-two healthy volunteers performed forearm ischemic exercise. In 24 subjects, this… CONTINUE READING