Caffeine dependence in teenagers.

  title={Caffeine dependence in teenagers.},
  author={Gail A. Bernstein and Marilyn Carroll and Paul D. Thuras and Kelly P. Cosgrove and Megan E. Roth},
  journal={Drug and alcohol dependence},
  volume={66 1},
This study identifies and characterizes symptoms of caffeine dependence in adolescents. Thirty-six adolescents who consumed caffeine daily and had some features of caffeine dependence on telephone screen were scheduled for outpatient evaluation. Evaluation included the Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children-IV-Youth Version (DISC-IV) and modified DISC-IV questions that assessed caffeine dependence based on DSM-IV substance dependence criteria. Of 36 subjects, 41.7% (n=15) reported tolerance… CONTINUE READING

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