Caffeine activates a Ca(2+)-permeable, nonselective cation channel in smooth muscle cells

  title={Caffeine activates a Ca(2+)-permeable, nonselective cation channel in smooth muscle cells},
  author={Annamaria Guerrero and Fredric S. Fay and Joshua A. Singer},
  journal={The Journal of General Physiology},
  pages={375 - 394}
The effects of caffeine on cytoplasmic [Ca2+] ([Ca2+]i) and plasma membrane currents were studied in single gastric smooth muscle cells dissociated from the toad, Bufo marinus. Experiments were carried out using Fura-2 for measuring [Ca2+]i and tight-seal voltage-clamp techniques for recording membrane currents. When the membrane potential was held at -80 mV, in 15% of the cells studied caffeine increased [Ca2+]i without having any effect on membrane currents. In these cells ryanodine… CONTINUE READING


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