Caffeine's influence on nicotine's effects in nonsmokers.

  title={Caffeine's influence on nicotine's effects in nonsmokers.},
  author={Melissa D Blank and Bethea A. Kleykamp and Janine M. Jennings and Thomas E Eissenberg},
  journal={American journal of health behavior},
  volume={31 5},
OBJECTIVE To determine if nicotine's effects are influenced by caffeine in nonsmoking, moderate-caffeine consuming individuals (N=20). METHODS The first 3 sessions included one of 3 randomly ordered, double-blind caffeine doses (0, 75, or 150 mg, oral [po]) and 2 single-blind nicotine gum doses (2 and 4 mg) in ascending order. The fourth session (single blind) repeated the 0 mg caffeine condition. RESULTS Nicotine increased heart rate and subjective ratings indicative of aversive effects… CONTINUE READING