Caffeinated beverages, decaffeinated coffee, and spontaneous abortion.

  title={Caffeinated beverages, decaffeinated coffee, and spontaneous abortion.},
  author={Laura Fenster and Alan E. Hubbard and Shanna Helen Swan and Gayle C. Windham and Kim Waller and Robert A. Hiatt and Neal L. Benowitz},
  volume={8 5},
We examined the relations between spontaneous abortion and the consumption of caffeine, individual caffeine-containing beverages (coffee, tea, and soda), and decaffeinated coffee in a prospective study of 5,144 pregnant women. We collected information about potential risk factors for spontaneous abortion, including consumption of caffeinated beverages and decaffeinated coffee before and during pregnancy, by interview in the first trimester. Neither total estimated caffeine nor individual… CONTINUE READING


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