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Cadmium Facts and Handy Comparisons

  title={Cadmium Facts and Handy Comparisons},
  author={Ken Zweibel},
  • Ken Zweibel
  • Published 2000
  • Materials Science
  • CdTe modules encapsulate about 7 g/m 2 (the range is from 3 to 10 g/m 2 ) of Cd, mainly in the form of CdTe. The amount of Cd compounds in PV modules is proportional to the area of the module and the thickness of the CdTe and CdS layers. A one-square-meter area of CdTe one micron thick contains about 2.9 g of Cd. The same area of CdS contains about 3.7 g of Cd. Most CdTe layers are about 1-3 microns thick, and most CdS layers are about 0.2 microns thick. This means that the CdTe layer contains… CONTINUE READING

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