Cadmium (Cd(2+)) removal by nano zerovalent iron: surface analysis, effects of solution chemistry and surface complexation modeling.

  title={Cadmium (Cd(2+)) removal by nano zerovalent iron: surface analysis, effects of solution chemistry and surface complexation modeling.},
  author={Hardiljeet K Boparai and Meera Joseph and Denis M O'Carroll},
  journal={Environmental science and pollution research international},
  volume={20 9},
Nano zerovalent iron (nZVI) is an effective remediant for removing various organic and inorganic pollutants from contaminated water sources. Batch experiments were conducted to characterize the nZVI surface and to investigate the effects of various solution properties such as pH, initial cadmium concentration, sorbent dosage, ionic strength, and competitive ions on cadmium removal by nZVI. Energy-dispersive X-ray and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy results confirmed removal of Cd(2+) ions by… CONTINUE READING
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