Cadherin switching in ovarian cancer progression.

  title={Cadherin switching in ovarian cancer progression.},
  author={Ila S Patel and Pavneesh Madan and Spiro Getsios and Monique A. Bertrand and Colin D Maccalman},
  journal={International journal of cancer},
  volume={106 2},
The roles of the cadherins in the progression of ovarian cancer to the late stages of the disease state when malignant cells have disseminated within the peritoneal cavity remain poorly understood. In view of these observations, we have undertaken a comprehensive survey of the cadherin subtypes present in normal ovarian surface epithelium and peritoneum and in the tumors and peritoneal effusions of women diagnosed with Stage I or Stage II primary ovarian cancer using a degenerate cloning… CONTINUE READING
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