Cadherin engagement protects human β-cells from apoptosis.

  title={Cadherin engagement protects human β-cells from apoptosis.},
  author={G{\'e}raldine Parnaud and Carmen Gonelle-Gispert and Philippe M Morel and Laurianne Giovannoni and Yannick D Muller and Raphael P H Meier and Sophie Borot and Thierry Berney and Domenico Bosco},
  volume={152 12},
The aim of this study was to assess the expression of different types of cadherins in human islets and their role in human β-cell apoptosis. Expression of E-, N-, and P-cadherins was studied by immunofluorescence on pancreas sections and islet cells, and by Western blotting on protein extracts of isolated islets and islet cells. The effects of specific cadherins on cell adhesion and apoptosis were studied using chimeric proteins containing functional E-, N-, or P-cadherin ectodomains fused to… CONTINUE READING