Cadherin-6 promotes EMT and cancer metastasis by restraining autophagy

  title={Cadherin-6 promotes EMT and cancer metastasis by restraining autophagy},
  author={Mila Gugnoni and Valentina Sancisi and Greta Gandolfi and Gloria Manzotti and Moira Ragazzi and Daniele Giordano and Ione Tamagnini and Marco Tigano and Andrea Frasoldati and Simonetta Piana and Alessia Ciarrocchi},
The transdifferentiation of epithelial cells toward a mesenchymal condition (EMT) is a complex process that allows tumor cells to migrate to ectopic sites. Cadherins are not just structural proteins, but they act as sensors of the surrounding microenvironment and as signaling centers for cellular pathways. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying these signaling functions remain poorly characterized. Cadherin-6 (CDH6) is a type 2 cadherin, which drives EMT during embryonic development and… CONTINUE READING
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