Cabin1 restrains p53 activity on chromatin

  title={Cabin1 restrains p53 activity on chromatin},
  author={Hyonchol Jang and Soo-Youn Choi and Eun-Jung Cho and Hong-Duk Youn},
  journal={Nature Structural &Molecular Biology},
The tumor suppressor p53 has been proposed to bind target promoters upon genotoxic stress. However, recent evidence shows that p53 occupies some target promoters without such stress, suggesting that a negative regulator might render p53 transcriptionally inactive on these promoters. Here we show that calcineurin binding protein 1 (Cabin1) is a negative regulator of p53. Downregulation of Cabin1 induces activation of a subset of p53 target genes. Cabin1 physically interacts with p53 on these… CONTINUE READING