Cabala Chymica or Chemia Cabalistica—Early Modern Alchemists and Cabala

  title={Cabala Chymica or Chemia Cabalistica—Early Modern Alchemists and Cabala},
  author={Peter J. Forshaw},
  pages={361 - 389}
Abstract This essay investigates the relationships between early modern alchemy and the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah, following its introduction to the Christian West by Giovanni Pico della Mirandola at the end of the fifteenth century, and its promulgation by Johannes Reuchlin in the early sixteenth century. New exponents of Christian Cabala were excited by the exegetical methods of Kabbalah, and some alchemists, seeking fresh ways of interpreting enigmatic alchemical texts and the… 
A Necessary Conjunction: Cabala, Magic, and Alchemy in the Theosophy of Heinrich Khunrath (1560–1605)
Heinrich Khunrath’s 1609 Amphitheatrum Sapientiae Aeternae (Amphitheatre of Eternal Wisdom) was the first published work that described itself as “Christian Kabbalist.” Khunrath was a highly
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Khunrath's alchemical citadel can also be found in De arte cabalistica, seu De magisterio magno philosophorum
  • MS. Codex
L'alchimie et la science sacrée des lettres: notes sur l'alchimie juive à propos de l'Ésh mesareph
    Quidam dicunt mutatum esse ex Archimia vel Archodumia, cum sit ars principalissima
    • Cura ac sumtibus Zachariae Palthenii, 1612)
    Mistio in radicibus unitatis septuagesimi secundi Voarchadúmicorum elementorum
    • 61 Pantheo, Voarchadumia
    with Cabalistic eyes, are not ignorant of true Cabala, Magic, and Voarchadumia" (& oculis Cabalisticis, non ignorabunt in vera Cabala, Magia, & Woarchadumia)
    • Impensis Godefrisi Tampachij, 1608)
    • 1975
    the combination of the devouring bear-like beast with the isopsephic equation of "Stibium" and "Flesh" must have seemed particularly apposite for this cabalist
      And if the twenty-first speculation of our Hieroglyphic Monad gave satisfaction to a Voarchadumicus and provided him with Voarh Beth Adumoth as a subject for speculation … " See also Hilde Norrgrén
      • Ambix
      • 1964