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CaS: A key medium for C-O-S-Ca cycles in Earth

  title={CaS: A key medium for C-O-S-Ca cycles in Earth},
  author={Yuegao Liu and I‐Ming Chou and Jiangzhi Chen and Nanping Wu and Shenghua Mei and Liping Wang},
Oldhamite (CaS) is a rare mineral, which is only observed naturally in enstatite meteorites. No occurrence of CaS has been documented from other groups of meteorites and terrestrial samples 1 . However, in experiments at 1.5 GPa / 1510 K and 0.5 GPa / 1320 K, when the lg fo 2 is lower than – 10.57 (FMQ – 0.52), CaS was produced in this study by a two-melt mechanism involving the reaction between molten pyrrhotite-pentlandite-bearing orthopyroxenite and molten CaCO 3 . CaS can be easily oxidized… 

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