CaNPAs: A Campus Navigation and Parking Assistant System

  title={CaNPAs: A Campus Navigation and Parking Assistant System},
  author={T. S. Chou and Ian Ku and Chun Ho Wu and Li-Chun Hsu and Y. S. Lin and Y. T. Chen and Tai-Yi Huang and Chung-Ta King},
  journal={2006 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics},
Campus navigation and parking assistant system (CaNPAs) is a driver and pedestrian guidance and parking information system designed for use on university, company and government campuses and building complexes. The system communicates with its user via simple portable devices and can provide each user with voice navigation directions along the way to the user's destination. It also can provide information on available parking spaces at and around the user's destination and along the selected… CONTINUE READING

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