Ca2+ transients and cell shortening in diabetic rat ventricular myocytes.

  title={Ca2+ transients and cell shortening in diabetic rat ventricular myocytes.},
  author={Naoko Noda and Hideharu Hayashi and Hiroshi Satoh and Hajime Terada and Mayumi Hirano and A Kobayashi and Noriko Yamazaki},
  journal={Japanese circulation journal},
  volume={57 5},
To investigate the role of abnormal Ca2+ metabolism in the diminished contractile function of diabetic myocardium, we measured the Ca2+ transients and cell contraction of diabetic rat myocytes. Isolated diabetic (8 weeks after 40 mg/kg streptozotocin, i.v.) and normal myocytes were loaded with acetoxymethyl ester of indo-1 (indo-1/AM). Ca2+ transients and cell circumferential shortening were measured simultaneously, using high temporal resolution video image analysis. The diastolic base and… CONTINUE READING
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