Ca2+-calmodulin binds to the carboxyl-terminal domain of dystrophin.

  title={Ca2+-calmodulin binds to the carboxyl-terminal domain of dystrophin.},
  author={James T. Anderson and Robert P Rogers and Harry W. Jarrett},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={271 12},
The unique COOH-terminal domain of dystrophin (mouse dystrophin protein sequences 3266-3678) was expressed as a chimeric fusion protein (with the maltose-binding protein), and its binding to calmodulin was assessed. This fusion protein, called DysS9, bound to calmodulin-Sepharose, bound biotinylated calmodulin, caused characteristic changes in the fluorescence emission spectrum of dansyl-calmodulin, and had an apparent affinity for dansyl-calmodulin of 54 nM. Binding in each case was Ca2… CONTINUE READING