Ca2+ Signaling in Cytoskeletal Reorganization, Cell Migration, and Cancer Metastasis

  title={Ca2+ Signaling in Cytoskeletal Reorganization, Cell Migration, and Cancer Metastasis},
  author={Feng-Chiao Tsai and Guan-Hung Kuo and Shu-Wei Chang and Pei-Ju Tsai},
  booktitle={BioMed research international},
Proper control of Ca(2+) signaling is mandatory for effective cell migration, which is critical for embryonic development, wound healing, and cancer metastasis. However, how Ca(2+) coordinates structural components and signaling molecules for proper cell motility had remained elusive. With the advance of fluorescent live-cell Ca(2+) imaging in recent years, we gradually understand how Ca(2+) is regulated spatially and temporally in migrating cells, driving polarization, protrusion, retraction… CONTINUE READING
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