Ca2+/calmodulin regulates salicylic-acid-mediated plant immunity

  title={Ca2+/calmodulin regulates salicylic-acid-mediated plant immunity},
  author={Liqun Du and Gul Shad Ali and Kayla A. Simons and Jingguo Hou and Tianbao Yang and A. Shivakrishan Reddy and B. W. Poovaiah},
Intracellular calcium transients during plant–pathogen interactions are necessary early events leading to local and systemic acquired resistance. Salicylic acid, a critical messenger, is also required for both of these responses, but whether and how salicylic acid level is regulated by Ca2+ signalling during plant–pathogen interaction is unclear. Here we report a mechanism connecting Ca2+ signal to salicylic-acid-mediated immune response through calmodulin, AtSR1 (also known as CAMTA3), a Ca2… CONTINUE READING
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