Ca(2+)-dependent and independent mitochondrial damage in hepatocellular injury.

  title={Ca(2+)-dependent and independent mitochondrial damage in hepatocellular injury.},
  author={Giorgio Bellomo and Rosella Fulceri and Emanuele Albano and Alessandra Gamberucci and Alfonso Pompella and Maurizio Parola and Angelo Benedetti},
  journal={Cell calcium},
  volume={12 5},
The alterations of mitochondrial membrane potential during the development of irreversible cell damage were investigated by measuring rhodamine-123 uptake and distribution in primary cultures as well as in suspensions of rat hepatocytes exposed to different toxic agents. Direct and indirect mechanisms of mitochondrial damage have been identified and a role for Ca2+ in the development of this type of injury by selected compounds was assessed by using extracellular as well as intracellular Ca2… CONTINUE READING

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