Ca(2+)-activated Cl- currents in pulmonary arterial myocytes.

  title={Ca(2+)-activated Cl- currents in pulmonary arterial myocytes.},
  author={Lucie H Clapp and Jean L. Turner and Roland Z. Kozlowski},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={270 5 Pt 2},
Currents from smooth muscle cells isolated from the pulmonary arterial tree of the rat were recorded under voltage clamp using the whole cell configuration of the patch-clamp technique. Rapid increases in cytosolic free calcium evoked by flash photolysis of Nitr-5 activated a current that, following ion substitution and pharmacological experiments, proved to be carried by Cl-. This current [ICl(Ca)] was evoked independently of photolytic by-products and, although smaller, was still activated in… CONTINUE READING
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