CWISEP J193518.59$-$154620.3: An Extremely Cold Brown Dwarf in the Solar Neighborhood Discovered with CatWISE.

  title={CWISEP J193518.59\$-\$154620.3: An Extremely Cold Brown Dwarf in the Solar Neighborhood Discovered with CatWISE.},
  author={F. Marocco and D. Caselden and A. Meisner and J. Kirkpatrick and E. Wright and J. Faherty and C. Gelino and P. Eisenhardt and J. Fowler and M. Cushing and R. Cutri and Nelson Garcia and T. Jarrett and Renata Koontz and A. Mainzer and Elijah J. Marchese and B. Mobasher and D. Schlegel and D. Stern and Harry I. Teplitz Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Caltech and Usa and Ipac and Gigamon Atr and National Optical Astronomy Observatory and Ucla and American Museum of Natural History and 230 Pacific St. and A. 205 and S. M{\^o}nica and Ca and U. Toledo and U. C. Town and U. Riverside and L. Laboratory},
  journal={arXiv: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics},
We present the discovery of an extremely cold, nearby brown dwarf in the solar neighborhood, found in the CatWISE catalog (Eisenhardt et al., in prep.). Photometric follow-up with Spitzer reveals that the object, CWISEP J193518.59-154620.3, has ch1$-$ch2 = 3.24$\,\pm\,$0.31 mag, making it one of the reddest brown dwarfs known. Using the Spitzer photometry and the polynomial relations from Kirkpatrick et al. (2019) we estimate an effective temperature in the $\sim$270--360 K range, and a… Expand

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