CUPID-0: the first array of enriched scintillating bolometers for 0$$\nu \beta \beta $$νββ decay investigations

  title={CUPID-0: the first array of enriched scintillating bolometers for 0\$\$\nu \beta \beta \$\$νββ decay investigations},
  author={O. Azzolini and M. T. Barrera and J. W. Beeman and F. Bellini and M. Beretta and M. Biassoni and Chiara Brofferio and C. Bucci and L. Canonica and Stefania Capelli and Laura Cardani and Paolo Carniti and N Casali and L. Cassina and Massimiliano Clemenza and Oliviero Cremonesi and Arianna Cruciani and A. D’Addabbo and Ioan Dafinei and Sergio Di Domizio and F. Ferroni and L. Gironi and Andrea Ernesto Guido Giuliani and P. Gorla and Claudio Gotti and Giorgio Keppel and Mario Mart{\'i}nez and S. Morganti and S. S. Nagorny and Massimiliano Nastasi and S. Nisi and C. Nones and D. Orlandi and Lorenzo Pagnanini and M. Pallavicini and V. Palmieri and Luca Pattavina and M. Pavan and G. Pessina and Valerio Pettinacci and Stefano Pirr{\`o} and Stefano Pozzi and Ezio Previtali and Andrei Puiu and Florian Reindl and Claudia Rusconi and K. Schaeffner and C. Tomei and M Vignati and A. S. Zolotarova},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
  • O. Azzolini, M. T. Barrera, +47 authors A. S. Zolotarova
  • Published in
    The European physical journal…
  • Physics, Medicine
  • The CUPID-0 detector hosted at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, Italy, is the first large array of enriched scintillating cryogenic detectors for the investigation of $$^{82}$$82Se neutrinoless double-beta decay ($$0\nu \beta \beta $$0νββ). CUPID-0 aims at measuring a background index in the region of interest (RoI) for $$0\nu \beta \beta $$0νββ at the level of 10$$^{-3}$$-3 counts/(keV kg years), the lowest value ever measured using cryogenic detectors. CUPID-0 operates an array of Zn… CONTINUE READING

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