CTp11, a novel member of the family of human cancer/testis antigens.

  title={CTp11, a novel member of the family of human cancer/testis antigens.},
  author={Albert J. W. Zendman and Ine M. H. A. Cornelissen and Ulrich H. Weidle and Dirk J. Ruiter and Goos N. P. van Muijen},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={59 24},
To identify new genes that may contribute to the metastatic pathway of neoplastic cells, we compared mRNA expression of the parental human melanoma cell line 1F6 and its metastatic variant 1F6m using mRNA differential display. We isolated a cDNA clone that was exclusively expressed in 1F6m. Northern blot analysis on a broader panel of human melanoma cell lines with different metastatic capacity following s.c. inoculation into nude mice demonstrated that the gene was expressed only in the most… CONTINUE READING


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