CT vs MRCP: Optimal Classification of IPMN Type and Extent

  title={CT vs MRCP: Optimal Classification of IPMN Type and Extent},
  author={Joshua A. Waters and C. Max Schmidt and Jason W. Pinchot and Patrick B. White and O. William Cummings and Henry A. Pitt and Kumaresan Sandrasegaran and Fatih M. Akisik and Thomas J. Howard and Attila Nakeeb and Nicholas J. Zyromski and Keith D. Lillemoe},
  journal={Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery},
Intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms (IPMNs) of the pancreas are being diagnosed with increased frequency. CT scanning commonly serves as the primary imaging modality before surgery. We hypothesized MRCP provides better characterization of IPMN type/extent, which more closely matches actual pathology. Of 214 patients treated with IPMN (1991–2006), 30 had both preoperative CT and MRCP. Of these, 18 met imaging study criteria. Independent readers performed retrospective, blinded analyses… CONTINUE READING