CT of untreated occipitoatlantal rotatory subluxation (OARS)

  title={CT of untreated occipitoatlantal rotatory subluxation (OARS)},
  author={Leo Wolansky and Arun C. Nachiappan and G. Seo and Markus Reiter},
  journal={Emergency Radiology},
We report the first case of occipitoatlantal rotatory subluxation (OARS) in which computed tomography (CT) images at initial presentation and at follow-up when still untreated are included. In addition, we report the first images of traumatic OARS to include 3-D CT reformations. The fact that the diagnosis was missed initially underscores the need for familiarity with the radiologic findings. The clinical and radiologic imaging including 3-D CT are discussed.