CT of pancreatic islet cell tumors.

  title={CT of pancreatic islet cell tumors.},
  author={David D. Stark and Albert A. Moss and Henry Goldberg and Clifford W. Deveney},
  volume={150 2},
In 41 patients with clinical evidence of pancreatic islet cell tumors, CT detected 21 of 27 tumors that were proved at surgery (sensitivity 78%) and correctly excluded the diagnosis in 14 of 14 patients with no evidence of tumor at long-term follow-up. Using rapid sequence CT scanning and bolus contrast material infusion, a vascular blush was identified in 13 of 16 tumors (81%). Tumors as small as 0.9 cm were localized. CT identified all malignant tumors, and staging accuracy was 100%. CT is… CONTINUE READING

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