CT-determined intracranial volume for a normal population.

  title={CT-determined intracranial volume for a normal population.},
  author={Amanda Helen Abbott and David John Netherway and D Niemann and Bernard Clark and Mayumi Yamamoto and Josh Cole and Ahmad Hanieh and Mark Harold Moore and David John David},
  journal={The Journal of craniofacial surgery},
  volume={11 3},
Intracranial volume comparisons of patients with craniosynostosis and normal have been contrary to expectations, leading to questioning of the validity of the current normal reference material. Computed tomography-determined intracranial volume is presented for a white normal population. Specifically, intracranial volumes for 157 subjects (82 female and 75 male) were measured from computed tomography data using the Cavalieri estimator: volume determination was based on measuring the area in… CONTINUE READING

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